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It goes without saying... a gambling addiction is an illness

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It goes without saying...a gambling addiction is an illness

Many people have no problem integrating gambling into their everyday lives.  If gambling is increasingly dominating other areas of your life such as family and career and has become an urge instead of a leisure pursuit, your gambling behaviour may be becoming problematic or may develop into an illness.

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10 practical tips for responsible gambling

To avoid pitfalls when gambling, we have put together a number of helpful tips for you. They can serve as a support, if you wish to become a more responsible player.

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Legal texts in relation to gambling give you an impression of the number of legal regulations which have an influence on gambling in Germany.

Further information on the laws are available here.

Letters to parents and information sheets

Information sheets:

Information sheets give information about numbers, dates and facts on gambling and gambling addiction.

Letters to parents:

In addition, letters to parents in Arabic, Turkish, German and Vietnamese offer useful tips for family members on how they can protect children and young people from the possible dangers of gambling addiction.


Präventionsprojekt Glücksspiel’s newsletter is a regular publication which offers information about gambling addiction and provides an overview about current specialist publications, information about upcoming events and current information about the Präventionsprojekt.

You can register for future newsletters here.

Material database

The comprehensive material database of Präventionsprojekt Glücksspiel provides a chronological and systematic overview of the specialist publications on the topic of gambling addiction. The publications can be filtered via full text search or using categories.

If you have any suggestions for the inclusion of and/or changes to materials, publications and methods relevant to gambling, you can enter these into the database yourself.

You can find the material database here.



In order to raise awareness of the risks of gambling addiction within various target groups, Präventionsprojekt Glücksspiel runs regular campaigns. Here, we will introduce you to some of these campaigns.

Ordering service

You can use our ordering service to request up-to-date information and campaign material from Präventionsprojekt Glücksspiel in standard order quantities free of charge within Berlin (shipping costs apply). Interested parties from other federal states will receive an invoice with the materials they have ordered.

Ban applications

The player ban is a central tool to protect players and combat gambling addiction. Through self-exclusion, individuals who are in danger of gambling addiction or problematic or addictive gambling have the possibility to have themselves banned from games arcades, casinos, sports betting offices and lottery retailers.

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